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Shopping is exhausting!!

Well, I guess I should actually start with the results of our home inspection yesterday.  I showed up a few minutes late, and D was already there with the inspector.  We actually had an apprentice inspector who went through (very thoroughly!) and then a fully registered home inspector who went through again and double-checked things, so we got a double whammy.  And overall, it went really well!  Our new house passed with flying colours!!!!  In fact, both of the inspectors commented that this was just the type of house they would look for if they were going to buy a house!  So that was pretty reassuring.

 There are a few things that need to be done: since its an old house, the insulation isn’t really up to par for today’s standards – the attic insulation is at an R12, and we’d like to get it up to R50 because we would like to be as energy efficient as possible.  The hot water tank is ten years old, and apparently, 10 years is about the life expectency for newer tanks, although they can last sometimes as long as 15 or even 20 years.  So that may be another thing to budget for, but not really a big deal.  Besides that, there were a couple minor things, but nothing to be concerned about.

We were so relieved that the house inspection went so well that today we spent pretty much the whole day doing renovation shopping.  And I have to say, I am wiped out!  Shopping is completely exhausting!!  We have lots of plans for things we would like to do with our new (old) house –many of which will have to wait, but we’re hoping to do new flooring throughout a good part of the upstairs before we move in – then we won’t have to move furniture later.  We shopped around and found some really nice (and pretty affordable) choices for laminate flooring, which we plan to do throughout the living room, down the hall, and into the bedrooms.  We also checked out light fixtures, doors and door handles, hardware for the kitchen cupboards, and bathroom stuff.  More on our renovation plans later, for now, suffice it to say I am tired out, we’ve got a stack of quotes and a lot of deciding to do.


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