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Now that we’ve done the house inspection and sorted out our financing, we’re ready to take the conditions off the offer to purchase.  That means the sold sign can FINALLY go up!!  I’m really really really looking forward to seeing our house with a nice big SOLD across the “for sale” sign!  In fact, since we signed the condition waiver form last night, I’m hoping that by time I get home from work, that sold sign will be up!  Perhaps when I see that sign, it will finally sink in that buying a house means moving, and moving means packing!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Luckily for us, we’re buying a home in the same neighbourhood that we currently live in.  In fact, our house is on the very same street!!!  We’re also taking possession of the house two weeks before we give up our current place, meaning that we can move somewhat gradually, rather than in a huge rush all in one day.  So that should make things easier.  But packing and moving is still never fun.  If anyone has any tips for making moving easier and less stressful, please do share!


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We are buying a HOUSE!!

We bought a house!!!  We bought a house!!!  We bought a house!!!  Well, last night, we made an offer, and it was accepted, so that pretty much means we bought a house right?  Now, as long as our financing comes through (which it should), and the home inspection is ok, the house is ours!

It’s all happened so fast.  D and I had been toying with the idea of buying a house…we went to a few open houses, checked out listings and pictures online…but didn’t seriously think that anything would happen this soon.  We figured, maybe the end of summer, or the fall, or even next winter/spring…but here we are!  Funnily enough, the house we are going to buy is just down the street from where we currently live.  We noticed the signs go up about a week or so ago, went to an open house last weekend, went back for a 2nd viewing yesterday afternoon (D’s parents came with), and went back in the evening to make our offer!  We did a little bit of price negotiation, and ended up with a great deal.  Now here’s hoping that everything works out!  Fingers crossed…

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