All fenced in, and nowhere to go…

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P1000175One of our most recent projects with the house involved fencing in the yard – a prerequisite before going to pick up our new pup (who was introduced in the previous post).  Now, when we bought our house, most of the yard was already fenced…except for one section along the side, next to the kitchen entrance.  Actually, this lovely, almost magical little pathway leading into the backyard was one of the things that sold us (or at least me) on this house – I just loved it.  So, once we decided that we would need to finish fencing in the yard, I worried that our lovely path would be ruined.  When D started talking about his plans to put up a six foot tall barricade, I worried even more.  After much debate (and even a few tears), we finally came to a compromise, and were both quite pleased with the result.

P1000390First, up went the fence posts.  Three were installed using big spikes, which screw into the post and then go down about two feet into the garden to hold the posts in place.  The post with the important job of holding up the gate was cemented into the ground, using a quick set cement.  Then, cedar lattice was cut to size and framed in using two-by-fours on the outer frame, and one-by-ones to hold the lattice in place.  The same process was repeated on the section to the right side of the path.  Once the two lattice frames were installed, the next step was to build a gate.  And here is where my highly instructive play-by-play comes to an end, because I was banished from the area while the extremely technical process of gate-building was going on.  

Luckily, it turned out that all my worrying was for naught, since we ended up with a lovely fence that didn’t destroy the path and side garden at all (although Juno has happily taken on that task herself).  Below, the finished product:


Now, Juno can be safe and secure in her yard.  Although, they say that huskies can be escape artists, and it’s true!  You can’t see it in the photo above, but there existed a tiny gap between the stairs and the left fence post, where the vines come through, and the little bugger managed to squeeze herself through it  last week.  Luckily, she didn’t go far, and we’ve since blocked off the hole.

So, what do you think of our new fence?  Any exciting fence building stories of your own?  Feel free to share.


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